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05-Nov-2019 20:37

Start with the phrase اليوم هو (alyoom huuwa) meaning "today is". Then say في عان (fi 3aam) which means "in the year." Then state the year. Islamic Calendar depends on the movement of the moon.

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It is all about protecting the reputation of themselves and their family.You can easily look up the dates of any upcoming Islamic holidays.With just a few clicks, you can convert Hijri to Gregorian and Gregorian to Hijri and sync the Hijri dates with the regular calendar.Sometimes Arab women do get married to people of other culture, but this is not common.

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Women have more freedom in Western societies but they still choose to keep their dates secret.

The beginning of each month is contingent on the visibility of the moon at the end of the previous month. The Islamic calendar consists of 12 months similar to the Gregorian calendar.