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22-Nov-2020 12:35

(Women were slightly more skeptical: just 49 percent.)There are a slew of reasons why Americans may be more accepting of eternal singlehood, or just delayed marriage, including contraception and women's increased independence as educational and economic opportunities improve.

But a significant number of singles aren't thrilled about it, and one third of unmarried Americans between 25 and 34 say financial insecurity is holding them back from marriage."We have two different family systems in the US," Johns Hopkins University sociology professor Andrew Cherlin told The Christian Science Monitor last June, referring to a "marriage gap" between economic haves- and have-nots: better-educated and higher-paid Americans tend to marry each other, and stay married, at higher rates, stability they tend to pass on to their children.

But one of the biggest debates is whether it will stay that way: are youngish people just delaying marriage, or avoiding it altogether?

Part of the popularity of dating apps may come from the average age of first marriage, which has climbed up 7 years for both genders since 1960: now age 27 for women, and 29 for men.

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At a time when more Americans are unmarried than ever before, are Tinder and OKCupid changing what Americans want in a partner, or just how they find them?

53 percent of those who have never been married say they'd like to, according to the Pew Research Center, down from 61 percent just since 2010.

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