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15-Mar-2020 20:21

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I wonder if any of Epstein’s friends/clients knew that he was amassing blackmail material on them and nonetheless continued associating with him after they found out.

Why not, if he already had evidence stashed away that could ruin their lives and send them to prison?

The nature of the relationship between Epstein and Maxwell, the favorite daughter of embezzling press baron Robert Maxwell, who died when he fell or was pushed from his yacht, the is not well known.

Multiple victims claim she was both part of the sex trafficking ring, often bringing girls to Epstein, and a sexual participant.

And now she may be a target of a conspiracy charge.

Now, prosecutors may have have lost track of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator in his pedophile ring?

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As part of Epstein’s original plea deal, negotiated with Alexander Acosta, the others implicated were also given immunity from prosecution, which is partly why victims like Virginia Roberts Giuffre pursued her and others in civil courts.Is the once Dome-covered temple-like structure on Epstein’s Pedophile island actually a massive surveillance hub where Epstein would review and store all of the blackmail footage he’d recorded of his guests on the island?Or was it just a run of the mill satanic playground where he and his pals would do unspeakable things to children as part of some ritual sacrifice to Zozo or whoever?Another woman in Maxwell’s orbit says she used to joke about keeping herself rail thin because Epstein liked thin girls. “She said, ‘I do it the way Nazis did it with the Jews, the Auschwitz diet.

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