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Many problems with materials are related to reading disabilities.The tape recorder often is an excellent aid in overcoming this problem.A worksheet is divided easily by drawing lines across it and writing go and stop within each section. If a student is easily distracted by visual stimuli on a full worksheet or page, a blank sheet of paper can be used to cover sections of the page not being worked on at the time.Also, line markers can be used to aid reading, and windows can be used to display individual math problems. If an adolescent can read a regular textbook but has difficulty finding the essential information, the teacher can mark this information with a highlight pen. In consumable materials in which students progress sequentially (such as workbooks), the student can make a diagonal cut across the lower right-hand corner of the pages as they are completed.Recommended practice exercises include instructional games, peer teaching activities, self-correcting materials, computer software programs, and additional worksheets. At the secondary level, the specific language of the content areas requires careful reading.Students often benefit from a glossary of content-related terms. A reading guide provides the student with a road map of what is written and features periodic questions to help him or her focus on relevant content.The task of gaining students' attention and engaging them for a period of time requires many teaching and managing skills.

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Many commercial materials do not cue teachers to use explicit teaching procedures; thus, the teacher often must adapt a material to include these procedures.With all the completed pages cut, the student and teacher can readily locate the next page that needs to be corrected or completed. Some materials do not provide enough practice activities for students with learning problems to acquire mastery on selected skills.

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