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("Serving Two Masters") Kevin and Addison returned from a date to find that someone was in her house.

Kevin pulled his gun, but it turned out to be Addison's brother, Archer Montgomery.

He said he'd never seen a women who killed herself or asked to be killed with a gun. ("In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride") They met again when Kevin came to the practice for a physical.

("Crime and Punishment") Addison met Kevin as part of the police force that came to visit one of Addison's pregnant patient who had just given birth (and whose husband was killed in the line of duty). After a few interactions, Addison went to the police department to find him.

("In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride") Kevin came back to the practice to have a physical done.

Addison hired a cleaning lady to take care of the mess. He also disagreed with Addison treated college call girls, saying that once you get into that life, it's hard to get out and believing Addison was enabling them by not counseling them to stop.

She declined to let him in the labor and delivery room because she wanted it to be about the baby and felt Kevin would make it about Jason.