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About Me: I am active in my local church and love spending time with my boys.

We farm as a family partnership with my husband’s siblings as well as his parents.

I am proud to share information and answer questions about how we grow cotton and raise cattle on our farm.

When I am not working on the farm or caring for my family, I work in my family’s small engine business in Lubbock, where I specialize in sales and financing. I grew up in the city (San Antonio) and moved onto our farm when I married John.

Although I grew up in a rural community, my family was not directly involved in agriculture in any way.

I married my high school sweetheart who happens to be a fourth-generation Texas farmer.

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For example, we moved onto a boat and then a bus in order to rent out our home to help with the start-up funds for our farm.My husband has farmed with his dad since he was a little boy and is the fifth generation of his family to farm.I have been involved on the farm and with local farm organizations since I married my farmer husband.We started with row crops and recently added cattle and sheep to our farm.

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Time on the farm with our family is always the highlight of our day.Tyler (my husband) and his family farmed across the road from our house.

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