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In 1845, 200 citizens from the west side of the river, led by Samuel Brasher, petitioned for a new county. The bench in Decatur County includes circuit court, chancery court, general sessions court, juvenile court, and city court. Born at Decaturville, March 10, 1891, son of Pat H.

The creation of Decatur County from Perry County stemmed from the inconvenience of having the county seat, Perryville, divided by the Tennessee River. DECATUR 119 Others elected were Oscar Lafferty, who served from 1952 until 1954, when he was succeeded by W. Long won the race in 1974 and is serving in the office presently. Benjamin Carlyle Welch served in the General Assemblies in 1917-19-1923, representing Decatur and Benton counties.

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Decatur County, bordering the Western Valley geologic forma- tion which runs along the Tennessee River, also gained extensive limestone deposits from the sediment of shells and bones. Born at Cedar Creek in Perry County, December 26, 1859, he was the son of R. Born at Plattsburg, Mississippi in 1889, he began the practice of medi- cine in 1917 at Sugar Tree, Tennessee, and later moved to Parsons where he continued the practice until his death February 21, 1954. Situated midway between the two metropolitan areas of Memphis and Nashville, Decatur is a small county approximately 35 miles long and 15 miles wide at its most distant points. Duck, Vester Tucker, James Smith, Jim Smith, Edwin Townsend, Billy Townsend, Bob Townsend, Robert Livingston, Thomas B. Born in Williamson County in 1824, he was a farmer at Swallow Bluff. Fisher served the 34th General Assembly representing Decatur and Perry counties. John Stegal, born in 1813, served as a legislator following Marvin J. Born in North Carolina, his name has been spelled variously as Stegald, Stegall and Steagall. Walters served the 37th General Assembly from 1871 until 1873 and represented Decatur and Perry counties. Riggs served the 38th General Assembly, 1873 until 1875, representing Decatur and Hardin counties. Born in Tennessee in 1822, he engaged in farming in Decaturville. He died before the first extra session and the seat was filled by James D. Born in Humphreys County, February 18, 1840, he was the son of Albert and Elizabeth Warren, natives of Virginia. Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, 1974. D., 102 Concord United Methodist church, 43-44 Conder, Al, 58, 60 Conder, Morg, 60 Cook, Donnie, 25 Cook, Earl, 51 Coon Creek, 2 Cordle, O. W., 106 Crowder School, 69 Cub Creek, 6, 57; Hall Baptist Church, 31, 35; Masonic Lodge, 35 Cumberland Presbyterian, 31 Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Beacon, 48-49 Cumberland River, 29 Cunningham, Frank, 26 Dailey, Mrs. F., 95 Dees, Tom, 58 Dennison, Allie, 38 Dennison, Curry P. L., 39 Dennison House, 95 Dennison, Will, 61 Depression, in county, 21, 30 Derryberry, G H., 11, 85 Dickey Island, 61 Dickson, James, 106 Dillinger, Claude, 19 Dixon, Grady, 95 Dobbins, S. 69 Doctors, in county, 84-86; lists of, 86-87 Dodd, Robie, 28 Douglas, Doris, 50 Douglas, O. She had served also on the church administrative board as lay delegate to the annual conference, and as district officer for the United Methodist Women. The Tennessee River, as it twists into a reverse ell, divides Decatur from Perry County on the east and from Hardin County on the south. Taylor represented Decatur and Perry counties in the 32nd General Assembly from 1857 until 1859. Misfortune befell the legislator when he was killed in Decatur County in October of 1862 by Carroll Graves, reputedly over political differences. Haynes served at the 40th General Assembly from 1877 until 1879, representing Decatur and Hardin counties. Neeley served at the 42nd General Assembly, representing Decatur and Hardin counties. Warren served at the 44th General Assembly, 1885 to 1887, representing Decatur, Lewis, and Perry counties. York Memorial, 15, 59-60; (picture), 60; Arthur Tolley Bridge, 58 Brigance, Hester Keeton, 46 Brigance, Rural, 32 Brisco, C. H., 11 Circuit Court clerks, list of, 114 Circuit riders, 30 Citizens State Bank, 103 Clardy familv, 46 Clerks and masters, list of, 117 Clifton, 15; Clifton Bend, 57; Ferry, 18; Landing, 61 Clinch River, 63 Coats, Mrs. Calvin and Clarisa, 36 Colwick Building, 81-82 Colwick, Glennie, 102; home, 71 Colwick, W. Benthal, 55 Crowder, Dave, 69 Crowder Industrial Park, 25 Crowder, J. D., 83 Deaton, Elias, 31 Decatur County, agriculture in, 27; architectural landmarks in, 78-82; Bank, 21, 42, 95; caves in, 76-78; courthouse, 92; Farm Bureau, 42; geology of, 1-2; hospital, 86-87; library, 74; (map), 56; medical services in, 84-87; natural resources of, 3, 14-19; newspapers in, 82-84; officials of, 1 14-122; religion and churches in, 30-40; schools in, 68-75; Tigers, 87; topographv of, 3; turnpike, 58 Decatur County Beacon, 82 Decatur County General Hospital, 86; staff of, 86-87 Decatur County Herald, 83-84 Decatur County Independent, 84 Decatur County News-Graphic, 84 Decatur, Stephen, 2 Decaturville, 4, 5, 12, 15, 21, 24, 25; Academy, 69; businesses in, 92-95, 96; Church of Christ, 52; circuit, 40; county seat, as, 91-96; courthouse, 92; First Baptist Church, 31, 38; First Methodist Church, 42; funeral home, 95; jail, 93; post office at, 93; Pentecostal Church, 54; Road, the Old, 58, 68; schools, 71, 75 Decaturville Sportswear Company, 24-25 Dees, I. She had two books published: People of Action in 1969, and History of Decatur County in 1977. Younger, the wife of the late Harmon Joseph Younger of Paris, Tennessee, is an active member of the First Methodist Church, where she had taught teen and pre-teen Sunday school for 35 years. Decatur County offers not only beautiful landscape, but it also provides abundant natural resources. Craft, an early traveler recording in his diary impressions of the wilderness along the Ohio and Tennessee rivers on a voyage by steamboat from Pittsburgh to Florence, Alabama, took note of this beauty and made passing reference to the mineral riches as he described what later became the eastern boundary of the county: Cane grows along this part of the river in great abun- dance, from 25 to 30 feet high which looks most beauti- ful, having a clear stalk & a bunch of green blades or leaves just at the top. Those rocks look beautiful, being cover'd on top with scrubby cedars standing very thick & look very green. Trans- porting the cotton once it was picked was difficult in the early davs of the county, and because of this, gins sprang up in several county localities — Parsons, Decaturville, Swallow Bluff, Scotts Hill, and Beacon.

The intriguing rock formations of which Craft wrote, while being one of the major distinguishing features of the county, also were visible evidence of valuable phosphate deposits to be dis- 4 Tennessee County History Series covered later. The first cotton gin in Parsons, a roughly hewn two-story building constructed of yellow poplar with hand-planed bins and chutes, was operated by George Partin. Commodore Decatur had won fame in the naval war with Tripoli and had later served with great distinction in the War of 1812. Carmon Montgomery served from 1954 until 1956 and he was followed by Ola Duck who held the office from 1956 until 1962. Road Commissioners Serving Decatur County as road commissioners were F. DECATUR 121 Jackson Landon White served in the 64th General Assembly, 1925-1927, representing Decatur and Benton counties.

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