Advice on dating a doctor completely dating toronto

27-Oct-2019 19:25

I'm happy that this subreddit now exists and I look forward to chatting with other medical SO's :)He is still in med school here too.

Just received his Ph D last week : D Proud lady over here!

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My husband actually left a few hours ago for his night shift.

Today we made time to go on a hike together and cooked a great meal together.

The demands are quite high (maybe not that of surgery) but he has other commitments due to the military as well.

We have been together since our senior year of college, and were dating/engaged throughout medical school.

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To make this easier, here are the posts (edited slightly): FIRST POST: I can tell you that a few things that really help.But in addition to all of that YOU need to realize that there is another person who is cheering you on and wants you to succeed.