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The twins are reminded to take their umbrellas but Kitty forgets.

At school, Kitty doesn't do too well because she is distracted, she even speaks her daydreams out loud.

Since 1974, Hello Kitty has inspired friendship and kindness throughout the world.

Spreading happiness for generations through Sanrio’s “small gift, big smile” philosophy, she is a friendly reminder to think of others first and to always be kind.

At bedtime, Mama and Papa are too busy putting Julianna to bed to read to the twins, who don't feel like reading to themselves.

The next day Kitty wakes up Julianna and makes her cry because she thought she was awake, and Mama puts her back to sleep.

In the 1990s Sanrio made more products with the picture of the cat which would appeal to teenagers and young women.

Because a Japanese singer, Kahara Tomomi, who was very popular among young school-girls said openly that she loved Hello Kitty on the TV.

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The grandparents show photos of Mimmy and Kitty as babies, and Kitty wonders how the grownups could tell them apart then. Mama: I guess we just became so involved with Julianna, we ignore them. That's the most heartwrenching thing, I ever heard.At dinner, Mama is too busy feeding Julianna to help serve seconds, and at bedtime the parents are too busy to read to the twins.The next day, Mama says she remembered there was a field trip and hands the twins their lunch boxes.Most of the kids are home, except Fifi and Tracy who are being picked up, and Kitty who has to clean the classroom. After cleaning, Tracy gets picked up, and Fifi tells about how her mother is busy as her baby brother has turned two and is getting into everything. Fifi's mother picks her up and notes on how busy Mrs. At four o'clock, Mimmy notices Kitty has forgotten her umbrella and Kitty thinks her parents don't love her anymore as they didn't pick her up.

She notices the train station people are lucky as they get to go away and decides to ride a train to her grandparents' house, so she rides a train, remembering when she first rode one with her family, and then runs to her grandparents' house.

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