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The other molecular clock models relax this assumptions in various ways which later tutorials will discuss.

option has many choices divided generally into ‘Coalescent’ models which are generally suited to populations and ‘Speciation’ models which, as the name suggests are intended for species level data.

This tutorial was written by Tracy Heath for workshops on applied phylogenetics and molecular evolution and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

In most situations it is better to leave this as Selecting priors is one of the most challenging aspects of Bayesian analysis.

Once running, BEAUti will look similar irrespective of which computer system it is running on.

For this tutorial, the Mac OS X version will be shown but the Linux & Windows versions will have exactly the same layout and functionality.

As we have sequence data from a handful of species, we will select the 213: 402-420 is the simplest model of speciation where each lineage is assumed to have speciated at a fixed rate.

The model has a single parameter, the ‘birth rate’ of new species.

Once loaded, the alignment will be displayed in the main window in a table: options you will see a table with all of the taxa that were in the alignment. Taxon dates (or ‘tip dates’) are only important in certain cases, for example, when they sampled from fast evolving viruses or sub-fossil ancient DNA material.