Best friend dating ex with children

11-Apr-2020 01:51

It’s always wrong to date your best friend’s ex, right? If there aren’t any hard feelings, she’s probably not going to mind.

Despite what girl code might say, it’s not always so black and white. Just make sure she’s not still interested in him first.

The meaning of "family" started to evolve into something different.

We were living in a small town and no one had yet invented the concept of conscious uncoupling.

He suggested that while we went on a three-day honeymoon, Howard could stay in our house with the kids.

V was very secure and never expressed any jealousy. Though I'm pretty touchy-feely, I treated Howard as if he had cooties. I monitored every gesture, (even my body language) to avoid the slightest perception of physical connection. Both were willing to put aside pride and pettiness.

I sure didn't think we'd be as close as we once were.

In time, I met and married someone else, and moved 300 miles away.

Now the distance between Howard and me would be both emotional and physical.

For our kids' sake and for my sanity, I wanted Howard to do the majority of the traveling, not the kids.And the laughs came back too; there was no one who could make me laugh harder or more often.