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09-May-2020 16:28

And they did it in blatant disregard for the truth, while hoping to be rewarded with traffic. "Brad Pitt Betrayed Charlize Theron By Going To Jennifer Aniston’s Birthday Party?

Conversely, Gossip Cop doesn’t post a single story until we’ve reached out to all parties involved, and we cite our sources at the bottom of each article. "Truth About Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Going On ‘Secret Getaway’ To Finalize Divorce." Gossip Cop, 26 Feb.

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"We also have to enforce [the laws after we change them].

Instead, they lazily rephrased the original article and threw in a few words like “reported” and “according to.” That’s not journalism. "Charlize Theron Says She Is ‘Single’ After Brad Pitt Dating Rumors." Us Weekly, 15 Feb.

That’s cutting and pasting, which any second grader can do. Simply, these various outlets knew their stories were lies, but ran them anyway.

Angie has told some friends she isn't ready to date, but she has been seeing a handsome, older-looking man who is a real estate agent.

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(on stands today): Angelina Jolie (36) and Brad Pitt (47) are finally, after six years and six kids together — Maddox (9) Pax (7), Zahara (6), Shiloh (5), and Vivienne and Knox (3) — GETTING MARRIED.That said, it didn’t stop the know-nothings at the International Business Times, The Inquistr, Celebrity Insider, and the Times of India, among others, from just regurgitating the inaccurate premise.