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13-Nov-2019 11:38

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If you are coming from a western country, it could be a huge surprise.

But in China, it seems to be rather common and widely practiced.

In particular, you’d learn about the We Chat nearby function – a feature that allows you to make new friends online – with a clear possibility of finding real-time dates!

Later, I’d also share my experience about a freaking common issue regarding dating and relationship in China – the culture of asking age in the very beginning of a social interaction!

In fact, the girls would keep asking you questions and simultaneously try to find inconsistencies in your answers – and you’ll be asked to clarify accordingly (more questions).

For example, once I told a girl I was 28 (first date).

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When we met on the second date, she was interviewing me about my current job – “why did you join university not a company?

In order to fully utilize We Chat dating features, you’ll need to set up a good profile.