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What Rooney loved about debating was entering a state of “flow,” that magical mental hum when disparate facts and ideas effortlessly assembled themselves in her mind and poured from her mouth as argument.Yet she was also disturbed by her talent for advocating morally dubious positions, like capitalism’s benefits for the poor, or “things oppressed people should do about their oppression.” She quit after winning the championship.Just as has been Church policy regarding polygamist families, children of parents in a same-sex relationship will need to assent to the doctrines and practices of the Church with regard to same-sex marriage before entering Church membership or missionary service, he said.They are “not disavowing their parents, but disavowing the practice,” he emphasized.

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This exchange, so rigorously serious as to be comic, calls to mind another pair of brilliant Dublin students, Cranly and Stephen Dedalus, who stroll around in “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man,” arguing over the Eucharist and apostasy.Cranly and Dedalus came of age in an Ireland riven by religious strife, Bobbi and Frances in an Ireland gutted by the 2008 financial collapse.Capitalism is to Rooney’s young women what Catholicism was to Joyce’s young men, a rotten national faith to contend with, though how exactly to resist capitalism, when it has sunk its teeth so deep into the human condition, remains an open question.The new policy is “really two sides of the same coin,” Elder Christofferson said.

“On the one hand, we have worked with others and will continue to do so to protect rights and employment and housing and that sort of thing for all.

“Maybe I stopped debating to see if I could still think of things to say when there weren’t any prizes,” she wrote. Rooney is now twenty-six and, after earning a master’s in American literature and publishing a few short stories, has just come out with her first novel, “Conversations with Friends” (Hogarth).