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Clark, either having stopped caring or stopped paying attention at this point, starts clapping however Pete stops him (Andy's Ancestry).Clark is in the conference room when Andy display's his "Fail Video" of the office staff's softball season.Dwight is actually bringing Clark to Jan however as he knows that Jan likes younger men.Jan agrees to buy from Dwight if she can keep Clark as her "secretary".It is revealed by them that they figured out Andy responds best to praise and so they clap at anything he does such as when he tosses his cup into the trashcan or when he is simply making copies.Later during a meeting, Andy reveals that his family made their money by transporting slaves.Upon leaving she asks Clark if he has "a valid passport" (The Whale). He was hired back at some point and returns to his desk in the annex.

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Clark grows out his facial hair like many of the other men in the office to participate in a charity for prostate cancer research and grows a pretty pathetic mustache.Pete however, concerned for Erin's safety, tells Andy what is really going on.