Dating an older gemini man

25-Jul-2020 01:35

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But I still have h ighly regarded good qualities as well.I'm 19, and i'm single, so if you want to, seek me out I met my Gemini man in the 80's and recently reconnected.I hooked up with a random guy at a local college bar and it was hot. I looked up his information on the roster and I see that he is a Gemini..I am a Gemini as well!!!Did our paths cross for a reason and I should try for something more than just a hook up? I may be a teacher by I am just a student when it comes to this stuff - anyone with experience on this combo?I've always dated Aquarius women and thought they were great. why he used to say those lingering words but no actions follows? He refuses to commit to a belief that relationships should be open, honest and together. I know how fickle we can be, and I know the games we play.

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she is kinda rude sometimes but next moment she will b soft like never before and it keeps the excitement of our relationship alive ...problems guys..girl can better match with Gemini boy than a Gemini girl Me I am a Gemini Woman and my boyfriend is a Gemini also, and we been together for 4 years and he is the best boyfriend ive ever had and I don't want nobody else but him, plus when it comes to bed he is the best fuck that ive ever had he so fantastic & me and him have great intellectual conversations together. Then a close a friend of my older sister and mine as well, I just found out the Cancer boy and the lifelong friend of my sister and I were Cousins. So a few months back I was at their house attending a party and we being to catch of on life, and from then we were very cool. He's just very hot and cold and sort of makes it obvious he is ignoring me.I have a Gemini girl friend and she have more patience than me. But then again I m already seeing these weird signs of him and don't think I can cope with it. As I observe, we are very much at par with each other.. He wont even look at me, be in the same space as me, and doesn't respond to relationship with her so far is fantastic and as I am bound in her love I don't see any other option but her.. Its crazy because I knew I'd be in a situation like this. It was crazy but when I did my research on him I got all positive feed back I guess I was wrong. then just recently he aims me with a sup and I end it with short. I was a bit obsessed with him but I thought he was too.We each possess some of those specific characteristics or qualities while the other possess the others. Yet, I know he is a big flirt and hears his escapades with other girls in the office. As a Gemini woman, I can very much relate to the descriptions that we love variations, intellectual stimulations (mind games!!! We ended up having the most amazing two nights together, and were both texting and flirting all the time and emailing.

We have a fantastic sex life, and great communication. I don't know what to do because being that he now has a part of me I really don't want any body else but him. HELPP =] I'm a Gemini woman, interested in a Gemini guy at work. I finally told him how I felt and everything stopped.Later I told them everything about we both than he abuse me on msg .. Biggest mistake of my life but, didn't know it at the time. We just reconnected a few months ago, and Guy and Gals, it has beenthe best three months of my life. With her there is no need to explain jokes, understand mood shifts, and just plain keep up mentally with. No woman has ever gotten this close to my inner core, and she says the same.