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25-Sep-2020 23:07

Verbal approximations: The values given by the experts on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW are considered "verbal approximations of value." Technically, an "appraisal" is a legal document, generally for insurance purposes, written by a qualified expert and paid for by the owner of the item.

An appraisal usually involves an extensive amount of research to establish authenticity, provenance, composition, method of construction, and other important attributes of a particular object.

That year coincided with the 100th anniversary of the creation of Coca-Cola in 1886.

At that time, executive board members Bill Bateman and Randy Schaeffer negotiated a contract with the Coca-Cola Company to use “Coca-Cola” in the name of the club.

Appraiser affiliations: Finally, the affiliation of the appraiser may have changed since the appraisal was recorded.

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The market for collecting soda related items is strong with all brands, but one ranks supreme: Coca-Cola.

A group of Coca-Cola collectors formed a club in 1975.

Since it did not have permission to use the famous Coca-Cola name, they settled on the unfortunate name of “The Cola Clan.” By the time of the 1986 convention in Atlanta at the Waverly Hotel, the club boasted a membership over 8,000 members.

For example, you'll often hear them say what an item is worth "at auction," or "retail," or "for insurance purposes" (replacement value). Often an auctioneer will talk about what she knows best: the auction market.

A shop owner will usually talk about what he knows best: the retail price he'd place on the object in his shop.

Calendars were cut down and used as photo backings.

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