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And when it comes to Interest Level, reality factor dictates that not all women will have an Interest Level of over 50% in you.

This is true for man alive on earth…even the most charming men such as Brad Pitt….there will always be some hot girls who wouldn’t care two hoots about Brad Pitt.

When the tip reaches the heart, the small area that is causing the fast heart rate is destroyed using a special type of energy called radiofrequency.

Catheter ablation cures this disorder in most patients.

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Public Class Dictionary(Of TKey, TValue) Implements ICollection(Of Key Value Pair(Of TKey, TValue)), IDeserialization Callback, IDictionary, IDictionary(Of TKey, TValue), IEnumerable(Of Key Value Pair(Of TKey, TValue)), IRead Only Collection(Of Key Value Pair(Of TKey, TValue)), IRead Only Dictionary(Of TKey, TValue), ISerializable Note The C# examples in this article run in the Try. Select the Run button to run an example in an interactive window.

The example shows how to enumerate the keys and values in the dictionary and how to enumerate the keys and values alone using the Keys property and the Values property.

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Contains Key("doc")) /* This code example produces the following output: An element with Key = "txt" already exists.

The example uses the Item[TKey] property (the indexer in C#) to retrieve values, demonstrating that a Key Not Found Exception is thrown when a requested key is not present, and showing that the value associated with a key can be replaced. open With["doc"] = "winword.exe"; // The indexer throws an exception if the requested key is // not in the dictionary. Contains Key("ht")) // When you use foreach to enumerate dictionary elements, // the elements are retrieved as Key Value Pair objects.

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