Dating dubarry patterns

25-Mar-2020 11:14

These are usually on flat pieces, for example on a saucer but not on a cup.They can look insignificant and be difficult to read but once you know what to look for then you can date a piece quite accurately.

Between 1933 - 1936 Dubarry patterns were marked with the NRA logo to support The National Recovery Act.Search patterns available from our vintage pattern vendors or add your name to a wishlist.Dubarry patterns were first produced in 1932 by the Simplicity pattern Company and sold exclusively to Woolworths until 1940.Marks appear with this name printed or impressed and often include ‘late Spode'.

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This means formerly Spode as the name continued to be used because the Spode brand had become so well-known.

The undecorated pieces were already made and marked Spode prior to the name change in 1833.