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30-Nov-2020 14:15

I am personally offended that this terrifying movie is number 12 on the list.

This is the only horror film I got scared at and I know I am talking about considering I hysterically laughed all the whey through the grudge ha ha ha!

Also, the house was better with the big windows that looked like eyes. Very creepy movie So much better than the original I did not like the original, and the remake was worse. I really liked it but not good than conjuring 1 The Amityville Horror (1979) I thought the movie was decently good but the end was terrible Scary anough Yea.. People were standing outside their cars holding each other and screaming.

Paranormal Activity So it starts out normal and almost boring. The very last seconds of the movie are going to be etched in my mind for years. I ended up on the floor of the car screaming myself.

Orphanage better than any movie in the list The Grudge I love this movie it's spooky and I love ghost movies the third one of this series wasn't as great but I love the first and second one.

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It isn't incredibly original, but it turns all these horror film tropes we know all too well on their heads and finds new and inventive ways to creep the hell out of us.I mean fog bringing something preternatural with it. Drag Me to Hell One of the most unpredictable horror movies and yet one of the best. It is about a boy who is an outcast meets a ghost girl who is friendly and wants to solve a mystery to find a ghost mom who is unhappy.