Dating limits

09-Jan-2020 06:00

Psychological limits include tolerance or intolerance for individual differences, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, choices, time alone, confidences and secrets.Where any two individuals set their boundaries is both an individual decision and a couple negotiation.Limits can be defined by the following six qualities: A boundary in relationship encounters is communicating no verbally or in your behavior, and meaning it!When you and I say, “No”, we set a one-word boundary. You and I draw a proverbial line in the sand communicating, “Don’t trespass beyond this point.” If the other person breaks this ground rule you asserted, then you advise him or her of the consequence you will follow through with if they persist in such boundary violations.

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Although many individualists may complain, act out and flaunt laws, they usually prefer them to the chaos and unpredictable consequences of not having them.means a training that develops self-control, character, or orderliness and efficiency.

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