Dating madeira guitar

06-Aug-2020 08:33

Speculations abound that assembly moved from Japan to Korea in the 1980’s.Quite possibly, the switch to Korea happened around ’79 or ’80.

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The quality depends on who you ask, model series, country of origin and how much it was worn down, cared for, or upgraded.“They all had one thing in common though: they sucked.

Less seen—on the steel string acoustics—is the double raised top.

All early Japanese guitars have the flat-topped headstock.

Japanese imports generally had an oval label that reads, “Adjusted and Distributed Exclusively by Guild.” Square labels that state, “Designed, Warranteed and Distributed Exclusively by Guild” generally reference a Korean import.

Some Korean imports also have an oval labels that have “Made in Korea” printed on it. Both of the examples below were from Korean imports that featured a double raised or “bump on a bump” headstock-top.

Needless to say, the Japanese versions are preferred.

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