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26-Aug-2020 15:21

From their hair, to their eyes and especially their lips, the art is deceptively simple, yet very elegant and is generously offered to players in the form of the numerous still-frame cut scenes, of which there are plenty of.

However, this thankfully, is obviously not the bulk of the gameplay.Gameplay 8/10The gameplay makes many claims to ‘revolutionise’ the dating sim genre, and to an extent there are several things that do help change the status quo a fair bit, although there’s also much about the game that is actually not too different from what regular players of dating sims have experienced before.Split into two main stages, the first stage often dubbed the ‘ Friend Mode’, is where ‘ Love Plus’ is most like a typical dating sim.Whilst doing this, the player has to boost his stats appropriately, as well as make diligent effort to constantly see and woo the girl he wishes to be with, and has 100 days to get a confession from the girl or it’s back to the drawing board.

This section of the game is admittedly, nothing too special and is very much like any other dating sim, aside from feeling slightly more stripped down.

Now, along comes a new dating sim by Konami, who are one of the most experienced companies in making games for this genre in question.

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