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13-Jun-2020 04:36

Anyone who hasn’t seen these guys in the field andreads these stories about the stuff they pull off and then wonders if it really goes down like that– yes it’s all real. It seems like there is no set [of social circles] that they cannot break into.Sometimes it’s wild to watch.” “Last weekend I went to the San Diego workshop…I was totally blown away.6 months ago I was feeling nervous as hell when I first went to a club. So the solution is to get in the field and add a new piece to my personal development.I hesitated for 5 minutes, then all I did was say “Hi! Guys, this stuff can only be internalized IN THE FIELD.There is no underestimating the social skills these guys have.It’s incredible to see how tight social skills can get and what is really possible.Just witnessing these guys in action with people was worth the price of admission many times over.The reactions they get from people are incredible and far beyond what I had ever seen.

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For those guys who might be new to [this material] or who might not have tried this stuff in the field, let me just say THIS WORKS!!!

” “Here is the my field report for the RSD seminar.

Combine that with the opportunity to ask instructors questions where they answer based on their vast experience and your social skills can improve significantly in a very short period.

What Tyler, Papa and other instructors brought to the table was so powerful and it filled many of all the holes that were missing for me and the 12 guys from [the RSD LIVE Training Programs]…Wow!With over 150 carrier product implementations, we have the experience and knowledge to handle any rating project.

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