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01-Dec-2019 21:16

And, despite those unfounded claims that "you don’t get any exercise from yoga," I was sweating through the entirety of the class and had trouble getting into my seat the next day.The best part came, though, when I faced my fears, trusted the soft fabric and suspended upside down using my own body weight as support. I left feeling on a high, and not just because we were dangling off the floor.You can’t plan everything (especially with relationships) and yogis know how to breeaaaatheeee through a situation to stay calm. When everyone is happy and calm, your relationship benefits.We’ll really appreciate you I found that the more I practiced yoga, the more appreciative I became for the small things in life. We’re not used to taking the easy way out, so when times get tough, you know we’ll be right by your side.

Treadmills are just a quantifiable measure of my inability to run a nine-minute mile, and with all the huffing and puffing and feeling like I’m about to die, it's just never been my thing.

For this reason, she’ll be happy going on any kind of date with you and won’t have too high of expectations. Bonus points for her keen ability to sync her breath with yours.

A yoga girl always knows to arrive at least 15 minutes before class.

A yoga chick understands that relationships take time to progress and grow deeper, and she’s willing to put in the work.

Just as she is patient with her body and in tune with its needs, she will be respectful of your wants throughout your courtship.

I was searching for a more pleasurable alternative to the gym-rat laboratories that have sprouted in my neighborhood, when I came across a lovely glass-windowed studio.

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