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Common washrooms, vending machines, and a lounge area are located on each floor.Facilities such as a bed, a television, flexible lighting, a box for valuables, etc. These are the old properties like castles, forts, palaces, and havelis belonging to royalty which have been renovated and converted into hotels.Tourist can select accommodation as per their need and budget.Visit a star category hotel in your city and list facilities available for guest.Accommodation is one of the basic needs for any tourism activity.Travelers and tourists need lodging for rest, while they are on a tour.

Apart from facilities provided by hotels, resorts provide additional facilities to guest for recreation and relaxation which includes indoor and out door games, gambling, spa, etc.

lodging facilities which are paid for the duration of the stay by the tourist.

There are various types of accommodation which are being used by tourists regularly.

2) giving in to an adversary on a point to make a deal work.

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(See: guarantor)(Adjustment), noun accordance, adaptation, agreement, arrangement, compositio, composition of differences, compromise, friendly agreement, mutual understanding, obliging, provision, readjustment, reconciliatio, rectification, settlement(Backing), noun assistance, championing, cooperation, endorsement, guarantee, seconding, security, sponsorship, succor, support, surety Associated concepts: accommodated endorser, accommooated party, accommodated payee, accommodation acceptance, accommodation bill, accommodation endorseeent, accommodation guarantor, accommodation maker, accommodation note, accommodation paper, accommodaaion signer, cautio fidejussoria See also: accord, accordance, adjustment, advance, advancement, advantage, agreement, aid, amenity, arrangement, assistance, benefit, betterment, comity, compact, compatibility, compliance, conciliation, condonation, conformity, consideration, consortium, dispensation, favor, help, latitude, loan, lodging, provision, recompense, relief, scope, service, settlement, space, support, understanding ACCOMMODATION, contracts.

The tourists who are on transient mode and cost conscious prefer to stay in these kinds of accommodation.