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okay i've done band stories now time for one shots of my favorite anime! " "i was trying to congradulate you and soul on your acomplishments here in the academy yeah" i blushed when i heard soul'd name. i've had an attraction to him from the beginning but recently it's been more than not totally sure how these work yet so comment or whateer you want but for now im writing what i want. i was finally beginning to master my geniehunter move and it was hard work. Dating wasn't allowed though i mean look what happened to my dad and my mother, no i could never date anyone besides soul would never-" "Maka!However you feel about Leo’s statement, the man said what he said, “I’m a pupusa man myself.” Fortunately, LA is rife with options for both tacos and pupusas.

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"maka" "huh" he took the book out of my hand and held my hand before kissing my cheek "i like you maka" "of course you do idiot im your partner" i couldnt hope he didn't really like me. i know because of your dad and everything you don't do the ugh dating thing but i uh i love you maka and youre the most beautiful person i've ever met" i blushed "i love you too Soul promise you wont hurt me though..can't be my dad..theres Blaire..." "no i love you" "I love you too" i was in love with my weapon and he loved me back. he grabbed my hand and kissed it and we walked hand in hand back to our room both of us smiling.

So I do but suddenly feel a squeeze on my butt making me squeak. "I hate chu." He sighs "you love me." I shake my head "no you love me (y/n)" I shake my head again. We fight for dominance but I soon fall to him again.