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READ MORE: Police provide tips to avoid romance fraud after victims lost £50m last year Mr Hazel said: “I sent her some money and she sent me a picture of her plane ticket.I was so happy and excited.”Then, the night before she was due to arrive, Mr Hazel got a phone call saying the woman had been arrested because she did not have the right paperwork.And has given the following tips as to when something may be suspicious:- You've struck up a relationship with someone online - they're asking a lot of personal questions about you, but they're not interested in telling you much about themselves.- They invent a reason to ask for your help, using the emotional attachment you've built with them.Your relationship with them may often depend on you sending money.- Their pictures are too perfect - they may have been stolen from an actor or model.Mr Hazel said: “Please be careful and don’t part with any money, it’s not worth it.Trading standards officers at Norfolk County Council said they had received a number of reports of the scams in the week of August 15.

“We see as our job to switch up the odds, bringing to the table an evening of dinner, drinks, icebreakers and fun conversations in a relaxed setting; hopeful that guests will leave with new friends and a sense that swiping right isn’t the only available approach.“From that, something romantic might come – rather than a very dry, unnverving speed date or internet date.”The pair promote the events through social media, amassing an equal number of men and women at each event and have already held a successful first night in November, with the second planned on Friday January 25 at the William & Florence on Unthank Road in the city.A wartime Hollywood movie which claimed the lives of three men in over Norfolk while filming will herald the start of a new season of Sunday afternoon charity film shows at Wymondham.Derek James reports The Sheraton is a modern family home, ideally located within the picturesque Saxon Fields community.He said: "Adolescence is a risk taking stage so I think that's major concern, that if young people are not experimenting in person they might want to online."There's a potential for high risk taking and sadly there are people out there who are looking for vulnerable people but again it's a small percentage but I do think it's a factor and an increasing factor."Andy Coller, temporary detective superintendent, based in safeguarding and investigations command at Norfolk Constabulary, said the force urged anyone to report offences and to seek support if they are a victim of a crime.

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They said: "While the majority of users are genuine people looking for love, fraudsters also use these profiles and enter into conversation with you to gain your trust and ask you for money or enough personal information to steal your identity."They said fraudsters would ask innocent questions, including a person's date of birth, name of first pet or home address, with a view to obtaining information to commit identity fraud.