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But just like the women of Wisteria Lane, Beth never imagined her “true love” would ever be on the other side of that plexiglass.Pop Wrap: Before we get to “Desperate Housewives,” I have to tell you how much I love “Rage: Carrie 2” — seriously underrated horror movie. That was the first thing I ever did on camera, so it is really special to me. PW: And how many people can say they blinded Rachel Blanchard with her own glasses? Everyone’s favorite though is when the tattoo grows.Sure, it’s left to interpretation whether or not she’s actually being laughed at, but much of the crowd looks mortified.By contrast, and while the idea of reparatory violence for large-scale slut shaming probably calls for a better film than this one, calls for its audience to cheer on the telekinetic girl who can finally murder all the preppy types in school, and it’s a nasty bit of cinema for it."They're happy and in love." This is the second instance of life imitating art on Tree's tucked-away Canadian set.During the show's first season, a then-spoken-for Anne Heche fell for her married leading man, James Tupper.Beth isn’t interested in giving it up PW: What’s interesting is that while he was acquitted of one murder, the audience knows he committed another. PW: Interesting — will we learn that she’s hiding something or capable of more that we might expect? There’s one huge thing that you’ll find out about Beth that all the fans will really appreciate. PW: Sounds like she might be related to another character?Emily: I will be strangled while taking my groceries by Marc Cherry if I say any more [laughs]. Emily: I will tell you that Paul has a diabolical plan of his own for Wisteria Lane.

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I don’t know what he was doing in prison, but I know for sure he’s yearning for some intimate contact with a female [laughs]. I don’t know what’s going to happen to her, but we will discover some new sides to Beth, some fascinating secrets that even I didn’t know until a few weeks ago.

It’s telling that, despite being a direct sequel, than with its predecessor. Honestly, I could stop there and you’d know what you need to know.

Also, further: Zachary Ty Bryan is a primary antagonist.

, which is not only the best video game title of that era that never was, but would’ve somehow doubled down even harder than the film itself on the high-school-as-Korn-song aesthetic on hand.

Not much else exists beyond that, but is based on a 1993 incident of similar nature, involving a group of high school boys whose sexual conquests became a ranked contest. ) to the cartoonishly exaggerated performances, there’s none of the De Palma camp that makes the original both an eminently watchable bit of ‘70s teen horror cheese and at times a genuinely chilling spectacle.Sadly, at no point is there an allusion to his father’s maintenance TV money being the source of his entitlement and cruelty.

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