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17-Jul-2020 10:37

The Service Instances are highlighted in the following image: To set the account associated with a particular Service Instance using Windows Power Shell we simply get the cmdlet and pass in the name of the Application Pool to create and the Managed Account to assign as the Application Pool identity: It’s extremely important to note that the application pool that you create using the cmdlet cannot be used for your content Web Applications.

Unfortunately there is no out-of-the-box equivalent for creating Application Pools for Web Applications.

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So an account that is configured as a Managed Service Account and set to have its password changed automatically could also be used in certain places that don’t understand the managed account concept.So, you are adding a new server to the farm and you can’t locate that very important password that was on a sticky note attached to your monitor for all to see? You can use Power Shell to reset / change that forgotten farm passphrase. There is currently no option to retrieve the existing farm passphrase.