Etrust server not updating

04-Jun-2020 10:56

\Antivirus\Vet (Computer Associates International, Inc. / CA Antivirus Realtime Messaging Service) (Microsoft Corporation / Application Layer Gateway Service) C:\Program Files\Ahead\In CD\In C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin\(Sun Microsystems, Inc. \Antivirus\(Computer Associates International, Inc. / CA Antivirus Realtime Infection Report) C:\Program Files\Yahoo! I have had this happen to me, and decided to switch providers due to the problems... I'm using the CA e Trust EZ Antivirus/Firewall combo given to me by my service provider Road Runner./ Java(TM) Platform SE binary) C:\Program Files\Yahoo! As I said above, usually this a because of old software interfering. For what it's worth, I have the latest version of FF and the antivirus portion is updating just fine (I turned off automatic updates, and update manually).Double click the EZ Firewall icon in the system tray 2. Again, ensure that the permissions under 'Access' and 'Server' have a green check mark (allow). Look for Application Layer Gateway, ensure 'Access' and 'Server' have check marks. You can remove them by right click the name and selecting remove from the popup window. Once this is done, try accessing the internet again.

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How do I get Spiceworks to recognize the software as an AV when it is already detecting it installed on a machine?

(I work offsite daily) but since they know nothing about ading Linux would be my burden.... One icon has the letters 'AV' (antivirus), the other has the letters 'EZ' (firewall).