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30-Nov-2020 00:51

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I feel like an African born to a white slave owner or a Jew born to a Roman conquerer. In fact, asian women that married white men did so because they preferred white men and even though there is nothing wrong with it, it still creates a problem because an hapa male is still an asian male in our society, especially in the eyes of white people.Growing up as a hapa male, you understand that your mother is like those asian american women going for white men and your dad, well, a white man having a yellow fever.How dare my mom or dad ever lecture me on anything, when they have no idea what its like to be an Asian male in America.

In my experience asian women are the MOST open to dating asian men, and everyone LOVES mixed men/women. So stop propagating that stupid inferiority complex that sorry people on the internet like to believe. I think it's a bit harder being 'full-blooded'...either way it's not helpful to think in those terms.

Show me the research from a real journal that supports those baseless assumptions. When you stop seeing the world in terms of "race"/ethnicity and simply see people, the only person you have to blame for being single is yourself because you can't blame anyone else e.g.;"the white man stole my women".

btw:if asian women hate you so much, then why dont you date a latina, black, hapa, or white woman instead. Your success in dating or finding a mate doesn't depend on the skin your bones are wrapped up in.

I don't know about Asian men being less manly or less aggressive. The only way we'd have won the war would be to drop a couple of bombs on them.

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During WW2, we knew we'd never beat the Japanese, they'd never surrender. We dropped one and they Ok so I just took a fresman sociobiology class.

Which I think makes my perception worse than if I was just an Asian-American.

At the same time, Count palatine Engelbert, a scion of the House of Gorizia and brother of Count Meinhard I, shortly before his death put the monastery under the protection of Pope Callixtus II.… continue reading »

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