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28-Jun-2020 11:44

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) step to take her number right away/suggest we meet again, which I didn’t do. (Aside: It’s hard to reconcile being proud of taking little steps while still being disappointed in oneself for not being perfect)My dilemma is this: should I contact her online, offering we meet again, or should I wait a month to (possibly) talk to her again?

On one hand, I want to strike the iron while it’s hot and act with urgency but I don’t want to make her feel stalked; and on the other, I prefer the engagement of face-to-face but a lot of things can happen and pass in one month, and the logistics of talking to her again could be difficult.

Instead, it's best to hold off on approving these types of friend requests.

Facebook can be a wonderful communication tool for friends, but it can also get a little too familiar and invasive if you don't manage it properly.

In terms of friendship, there are several people that you should never become friends with because it will just add too much drama to your already busy and complicated life.

However, if you friend someone based on the fact that you used to go out and then broke up, you're beginning things on a negative note right from the start.

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It might be tempting to see what your ex is up to, but you'll probably get more information that you ever wanted or needed.When you get a friend request from someone you only barely know or have only met once…