Forever in love dating sites

06-Jul-2020 06:56

Thought I would share some recent experiences wrapping up my involvement with this “agency”.In reality it is a Canadian facade in the form of a website that essentially offers profiles from a number of agencies in Ukraine and other FSU nations.Dear Krystyna, I am so glad to find your blog while googling.I am wondering if you were already aware of ““.At first I had some doubts about what I had read on them but I asked owners of site about what I had read about how they deal with people of different colors and about showing these different colors of people on the site and they gave me stubborn attitude about this! I know that some may not believe me but that is what they can say but I know my experience and I am one who does not believe in telling a lie about things like these and believe everyone should be treated fairly regardless of their different colors!

In addition, the owners of are a married couple who met on the Internet.“Great luck” I told her, because I’m going to be in Ukraine in a few days, what magical timing!!Most of you can guess what happened next….stops writing……days go by (previously she had been pumping out a letter a day) and finally I get a one sentence reply “Busy at work, can’t see you….”.Moreover, I want to say that has much less reviews than or because the site is not so big like them and have not so much money for marketing campains.

Thus, we read only a few reviews on because they have not so many customers as other International online dating giants.So on their online dating experience they run this site.