Free two way webcamming

16-Sep-2020 19:41

To make the big money, you need to keep at it, learn, changeup your game, and get better!

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I know it can be a pain to take free PMs since most of these premiums will never tip you, but it is DEFINITELY worth it for those who eventually WILL!

I really encourage you all to share this post everywhere you can, because you’ll be helping a ton of newbies who would likely have no clue about any of this otherwise.

Also, if you’re new to camming, or just tired of not making enough, you should definitely check out this free webcam modeling tutorial.

By the way, this is pretty much the same on Chaturbate and other cam sites that allow private messages.

One of the things that totally screwed my webcam modeling career at the beginning was the fact that I never cammed at the same time of day.

There are a LOT of cam sites out there, but most of them SUCK. Most of the sucky ones suck not just for new models, but for more experienced models too.