Gift ideas for first year dating anniversary

01-Nov-2019 04:31

It is probably also one of the most romantic anniversaries.

The letter can be written on notebook page or high grade stationary it really doesn’t matter it is the words you put on the paper that will win your partners heart.

You can order the tickets on Ticketmaster, ticket broker sites, or on niche venue-specific sites.

A hand written love letter left on a pillow or served on a tray with breakfast-in-bed is unbelievably sexy and what a way to say I love you!

Not a poet, how about framing a drawing or photograph of the two of you enjoying a special time together.

An invitation especially if you make it yourself, to dinner and a concert, play or tickets to a favorite sports team game is an all paper gift with a personal touch and shows you thought of all the details.Paper flowers take a long time to make and show thought and they never die and hopefully that will be the same with your love. There are instructions for making paper flowers on How Stuff Works.

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