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Machine Gun News, August 1991: "Sleuthing and Troubleshooting the Sten MK II," by Al Paulson6.Machine Gun News, March 1996: "Focus On: Building a Sten Mk V on a Registered Sten Mk II Receiver," by Carl Silver dba Select Fire7.

Is there any way to determine exactly what store based on the serial number?If you imagine your country being bombed nightly, along with the truly daunting possibility that an invasion and German occupation could occur at any is short on weapons and forces sufficient to repel such an invasion...these were the conditions under which the Sten was born.Britain procured as many Thompsons and other weapons from America as possible, but needed more guns of all kinds.I have been thinking about buying from him but not sure what they're worth. I think his brother used to own a gun store many years ago and recently died leaving him these guns.

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it is a .22 caliber and has the model golden 39A stamped in gold on the barrel. He is also ill and is wanting to sell some of them. I received a Marlin Glenfield Model 60 with serial #70178817. The second letter of the date code is as follows: F = 1962 G = 1963 H = 1964 I = 1965 J = 1966 K = 1967 L = 1968 So a date code of "JK" would indicate that rifle was made in October of 1967. Straight stock, 21 ½ inch barrel, 40 ½ inch over-all. If you give us that letter we'll be able to tell you the year it was made. Perhaps there is some obscure marking that is near impossible to find – like markings on Waterford crystal, but I see nothing else.