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23-Sep-2019 22:24

In my opinion, health and hygiene are We lived in a compound near Nyamlell.

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Two bridges at Cucuta, a Colombian city of 800,000 at the Venezuelan border, provide a kind of backdrop: the Tienditas bridge and the Simon Bolivar International Bridge about four miles to the south. to push out Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his socialist government in favor of the self-proclaimed interim leader Juan Guaido.

After some time they saw that I was safe and happy so it was all good.

I must say, from the outside thing My parents weren't initially pleased either but didn't forbid me to go.

But we always knew that in advance because security was very good. He then left and I was there by myself for about three months. I must say that it was interesting to find my own limits.

Sometimes I met with expats from other organisations. Several times I wished I could speak the language of the Dink.So all the challenges that come with the mission I accepted as part of the job.