Import error when updating

21-Oct-2020 05:59

I keep a text file in my main Dropbox directory titled “useful_conda_notes.txt”, and any time I encounter an issue like that, I log the successes/failures there. If it STILL doesn’t work, you may have to move the specific library/package you want to a new environment and use it from there (this has been true in the past for cartopy and basemap, for example).You can also roll your conda installation back to an older version, if you had it working before, though this will downgrade any updates you’ve added since then.For column headers, default attributes will be written in normal text, while custom attributes will be italicized and have their type noted in parentheses.

import error when updating-88

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Press the “Select CSV File” button and select your file of interest, then press “Start Upload.” Braze will upload your file and check the column headers as well as the data types of each column.

Under , you will see the progress of the import; the status will change to Complete when finished.

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