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27-Oct-2019 08:22

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“For instance, I hear all the time of people saying things like, ‘He only dates Asians,’ or, ‘She has chocolate fever.’ Relationships just happen, and it’s about having a connection with someone on an emotional level, not about who they have dated in the past or who you think they’ll date in the future.”“My husband and I live in Denver but we travel often, and this past year have been RVing around the United States.

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What I wish that people would understand is that my husband and I are together because we fell in love, just like most people do.

“I wish people would understand that we are in a VERY loving and healthy relationship.

I have been in toxic relationships before and ours is nothing but love, growth, and mutual respect.

They make comments about me all of the time (thinking that I don’t understand them) and it is frustrating to hear that I am more or less ‘worthy’ to be in a relationship with him because I am not Hispanic…There are a few more I don’t care to mention because they are far worse.”“[I’m] always hearing how cute our babies are going to look, [which] starts to get annoying.

Especially when people are so quick to romanticize our relationship without being open to an interracial relationship themselves.Learning a new culture first hand really opens your world to an entire new perspective.”“Another thing I wish people knew about my relationship is that I don’t have a ‘type’.

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