Intimidating hostile or

10-Aug-2020 08:37

Whistleblowers Whistleblowers also have federal protection against employer retaliation.

Employees who have reported misconduct or criminal activity are protected against hostile workplace conditions.

Unemployment Compensation Unemployment benefits are intended for people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

This may include theft or vandalism of the victim's personal property, threats of violence, sexual abuse or physical battery.In such cases, an employee may be able to claim benefits.The consequences of bullying can be severe for its victims.In cases where the victim's job performance declines, he or she may end up being terminated from the company or having to accept a demotion.

This can have a catastrophic effect on the victim's career, as he or she may have difficulty finding a new job without a positive reference or support from former supervisors and colleagues.

Nobody likes to work in an intimidating work environment.