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The Flower Troupe is considered the "treasure chest" of otokoyaku.Many of the most popular former and current top stars of the company originated in Flower Troupe; these include Miki Maya (who held the first Budokan solo concert in Takarazuka's history), Sumire Haruno and Tomu Ranju of Flower, Jun Shibuki, Jun Sena and Kiriya Hiromu of Moon, and Hikaru Asami of Snow.Their performances tend to have larger budgets, with lavish stage and costume designs, and are often derived from operatic material.While tending to be a home for young performers (with Yūki Amami in her sixth year reaching the status of top star in the 1990s), the members of Moon Troupe are also strong singers.Although traditionally an all-female troupe, in 1946 the Takarazuka employed male performers who were trained separately from the female members of the troupes.Ultimately, however, the female members opposed these new male counterparts, and the department was dissolved, the last male department terminating in 1954.

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The company has five main troupes: Flower; as well as superior members, a collection for senior actresses no longer part of a regular troupe who still wish to maintain their association with the revue and perform from time to time.Kobayashi's desire to make his actresses into good wives and mothers has often been hindered by their own will to pursue careers in the entertainment business.It is becoming increasingly more common for women to stay in the company well into their thirties, beyond the conventional limits of marriageable age.is a Japanese all-female musical theater troupe based in Takarazuka, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Women play all roles in lavish, Broadway-style productions of Western-style musicals, and sometimes stories adapted from shōjo manga and Japanese folktales.It is not uncommon in Takarazuka for a predominantly male orchestra to be led by a female conductor.