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03-Feb-2020 06:20

Itay Tiran, lauded in his native Israel as one of his generation’s finest actors, gives a sensational performance as Piotr, a young man who journeys from London to rural Poland for his wedding.

Piotr’s future father-in-law has given the happy couple a creepy old house as a wedding present–the house is a fixer-upper if ever there was one.

They seem trustworthy and that is the main reason why they prosper. -» They are quiet, discreet, they never draw attention on them, they do not raise their voice and very often you do not notice when they are around.

Nevertheless, the saying "Still waters run deep" describes them well.

He has a series of convulsions–in one particularly unnerving sequence, he rips his jacket and shirt off in front of the wedding guests and leans backwards–he appears to be unaware of his actions.

Piotr is possessed by the spirit of a young, long deceased neighborhood woman who vanished mysteriously decades earlier.

On Saturday September 10, Drafthouse screens Burton’s sublime stands as the first adaptation which was true to Batman creator Bob Kane’s Dark Knight concept.

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He begins speaking in a variety of languages he couldn’t possibly have known.Tiran’s extraordinary work makes an unsettling viewing experience.