Michelle obama dating tips

28-Oct-2020 06:43

There are a number of examples in the book where she makes sacrifices on behalf of her family or groups of disenfranchised people.Even though it was uncomfortable for her, she was able to step outside her comfort zone because she kept her sense of purpose in the forefront of her mind.

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I thought it would be a wishy-washy recap of eight years in the White House, an account from someone too diplomatic to write anything that would be interesting to me.

She brought her chef, personal trainer, and stylist from Chicago to D. I understand why she wanted to keep people she knows around in her life, for a few reasons.

First, having deep relationships allows introverts to bypass small talk (which we both loathe and dread), and go right into more meaningful conversation.

She believed she was working for the greater good — or on behalf of someone else.

I’ve used a similar trick in my life as an introvert.

Then, I curled up in bed on a Friday night in, and read about the former first lady skipping an inaugural ball full of friends and campaign donors to go upstairs to her bedroom in the White House, alone. I certainly don’t know enough about her from 400 pages of reading to decide whether or not she is.

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