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The first common scenario is having one or more retirement accounts from old employers, typically 401(k)s and/or 403(b)s.You have a few options when it comes to those accounts: The second common scenario is to have multiple IRAs with either the same provider or different providers.There are many different types of retirement accounts, and you can click here for a detailed chart from the IRS that shows you exactly which types of accounts can be combined.But there are two common scenarios that many people often face.The fewer retirement accounts you have, the easier it is to keep your overall investment plan on track.In some cases, it may even be worth paying a little bit more in order to have all your retirement money in one, easy-to-manage account.

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This situation also presents you with a few options: An ideal consolidation would leave you with between one and three retirement accounts — some combination of: a retirement plan with your current employer, a traditional IRA, and a Roth IRA.As a manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive solutions for the automatic identification we offer the consolidation program including the supply of markings, devices and Auto ID systems.Program based on the cyclic exchange of information and accurate identification of customer needs allows for products standardization and savings related with reducing SKU in different locations of our customers.In addition to the costs associated with the individual investment options, some 401(k)s and IRAs come with administrative fees and management fees that add to the cost of your investments and drag down your returns.

If you can avoid those fees by either rolling your money out of an old retirement plan or transferring to a new IRA provider, you’ll likely improve your odds of success.

Among the companies that put their trust in our capabilities and experienced significant cost savings by consolidating, there are leading companies in industries such as automotive, construction, electronics and food industry.

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