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[Read: 25 must-follow relationship rules for successful love]Until a difficult decision arises, it can be hard to figure out what your non-negotiables are.You may think you would do anything for your partner, but some things you cannot negotiate because they are too important to you. So many people say you have to put your partner first. If you are not happy with yourself, your choices, and your life, you cannot be happy in a relationship.We often think we can get over this or move on from that for the sake of the relationship.

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If you keep them at the forefront of your mind from the beginning, you will be happier and won’t waste any time with someone that doesn’t want what you do. 17 signs you should let go]As I said, the lack of non-negotiables or at least the lack of prioritizing them can make your relationship tense. Whether you never want to move away from your family or don’t want to have children, there are always going to be things we cannot budge on.It is important to remind yourself that your dreams, needs, and happiness are not dependent on your relationship, but vice versa. Respect is the aspect of every single relationship *romantic or not* that makes things work. Although this should be a non-negotiable for everyone, it can be a hard thing to admit to yourself.You may be in a comfortable relationship, but often times respect is lost and both people just don’t see it.If you can’t come to an agreement that is a non-negotiable for you. In a relationship, you always should be willing to learn from each other and be open to one another’s positions and opinions.

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[Read: What are the right reasons to walk away when you love someone? Being with someone rigid on change and close-minded can lead to endless arguments.You do not need to plan out your whole life, but sharing dreams and goals with your partner can be vital to your future together.