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It it the "brains" of your phone, when you put your SIM card in another compatible phone, the new phone aquires your cell phone number and some settings.

For example you can transfer your phone book from your old phone to the new one.

Easier than picking up the phone or showing up on the doorstep with a dozen roses? Haven't met your beau's friends and family? They could be stashing you and the relationship to keep their options open. It's like ghosting, but when the person pops up again out of the blue acting like nothing ever happened. A sexy photo posted on social media to attract attention. When someone a person has swiped left on via Tinder finds them on Instagram and hits on them there.

(Also known as stalking, don't do this.)This one's a dead giveaway. It's when your ex comes back from the grave to say "hi".

However for that you will need to keep your phone book in the SIM card as opposed to internal phone memory.

You can change in your phone's settings where the numbers in your phone book are stored (in internal phone memory or SIM card).

Spam SPAM is unsolicited email sent to multiple recepients without their consent.

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They keep attention from afar by dropping little bits of attention here and there, whether it be a text or Instagram 'like'. You're starting to test-drive other models before you've returned the keys for what you're currently operating.

The main provisions of IMBRA place limits on number of "K" visa petitions a man may file for his potential bride in a certain time period, and also (most importantly) require that a man discloses all his past criminal history, visa petition history, past marital and divorce history, ages of children under age 18 to the lady BEFORE he can get her contact information or otherwise communicate with her.

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