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28-Oct-2019 18:53

Additionally, the project-based structure allowed students a comfort level that they weren’t going it alone, and it encouraged a much deeper understanding of the larger societal issues suggested by the text itself.Of course we had discussed the literary features of the text—the dated journals, the recursive nature of the entries, and the interesting way the author revealed his characters, but students were most interested when I announced that we would be debating whether we should allow animal testing or eliminate it.This is one of the most interesting ways I can think of for students to see persuasion in action.Essentially, it is dedicated to helping regular folks to “connect, debate, and engage,” and then raise the funds to actually collectively hire a lobbyist, just like the big guys do.In planning for this year, I’d also create teams of three instead of four, preventing students from pairing off.is a great introduction to debate that I plan to incorporate this year.

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However, as long as there are GPA’s, I’m going to have to provide a number—which all too often is arbitrary to some degree, or at least appears so.

The key to their engagement here was that they were not told which side they had to argue until the research was complete.

Upon reflecting at the end of this project, my students told me how much they hated not knowing which side they were on while researching, but they saw the advantage in the debates when they were able to counter or question the other side.

Not surprisingly, students were ready with their opinions, but they were emotional responses, not based on research.

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After students were broken into teams of four, they were given several days in the library to research BOTH sides of the issue, taking notes.For example, “A 98—100 is flawless—a combination of Winston Churchill, Barbara Jordan, and Denzel Washington.”Face it, our students are, for the most part, are the Digital Natives and frequently we are in their land trying to play catch up to whatever new thing they are experimenting with.

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