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15-Jan-2020 16:40

As news about Park Ha Sun leading the new mystery film ‘Young Police’ with Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon began to round the net today, fans couldn’t help but anticipate a great film.With great actors being casted together, it is only natural that fans expect a movie definitely worth watching.During the interview, the two actors explained that they had different reasons for wanting to star in the drama.Park Ha Sun said that she could paint a picture from the moment she first saw the synopsis.

If there is one thing regrettable about movies, it is that they are really slanted toward to comedy genre.

People who see Dong-joo and Ha Sun being similar will exist. If High Kick 3’s Ha Sun is a coy, pretty girl who can’t do things correctly, then Dong-joo is a fatal girl who has no interest in dating.

(Laughs) At first I rejected to appear in Vocal Clinic.

The romance drama, which is a remake of the 2014 Japanese series “Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon,” tells the story of adults who find themselves swept up in forbidden love and passionate extramarital affairs.

The drama stars Park Ha Sun and Lee Sang Yeob as a pair of star-crossed lovers whose ordinary lives are turned upside down after they fall in love.

Park Seo Joon, on the other hand, was on “She Was Pretty” (2015) and is known to join the cast of an upcoming KBS2 historical drama ‘Hwarang’.

Instead of being able to live their lives peacefully in an accepting world, they are forced to justify their choices when it is evident that all they want is to be able to love a person without being judged. Your sexual orientation is a choice that sets you free. You deal with the things that happen outside your relationship together.… continue reading »

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It did not take long for the comments and criticisms to start flowing. Some Ratas will not lie with a baldhead woman, period.… continue reading »

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I had a normal childhood, but I have been living in the “adult world” since I was a kid. I was around adults all my life -- events, parties, meetings -- so I really knew it no other way.… continue reading »

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Read our FCN Webcam and Microphone Guide to learn more.… continue reading »

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