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06-Oct-2020 10:11

The platform also encourages a sense of community and improves the lives of LGBTI people around the world through its groups and its nonprofit Planet Romeo Foundation.ROMEO continues to build a sex-positive online experience as some other dating sites and apps become less welcoming to specific gender identities and sexualities.Instead, Jens said the company’s success comes from overcoming challenges over the long term.

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“Our independence is one of our greatest strengths.” Throughout its history, ROMEO has seen many trends that alternately promoted and detracted from gay rights and visibility.

“We feel that gay men need a loyal ambassador online to voice their needs and fly their flag,” Jens said.

ROMEO, headquartered in Amsterdam, is up to that challenge, in part, because the site is owned and operated by gay men.

Now, ROMEO sees a more prudish outlook, both on other dating platforms and online, in general.

For example, Jens said one major blog platform decided to censor all blog entries containing what it determined was pornography.

“We are literally nothing without our Romeos,” said Founder Jens Schmidt.